Can the Blue Government live up to its promises?

After a peaceful well orginised Democratic Alliance (DA)’s March for jobs, one question lingers through my mind, Can the DA produce what it highly sang as their economic five year plan?

Can Mr. “I am not black, I am a South African” Herman Mashaba lead Gauteng to what they call “complete freedom”?

During their March yesterday Federal Leader Mmusi Maimane warned Gauteng’s government that the province will soon be under the blue government.

Fazed with unanswered questions after the procession was led, speeches delivered, ANC and Zuma must fall songs sang, I remain to ask-Is the DA fighting against our economical challenges or our black South Africans unknowingly follow a hate battle between the two parties?

Maimane said the ANC Government is protecting the Gupta’s by which South Africans are made to believe the Gupta’s are full of corruption, they are taking the land and feeding off the economy, but South Africans need to think about what really is behind this story.

Maimane said the ANC, or rather Jacob Zuma must answer where are the jobs. Well indeed he has to and every citizen believes SA is in need of change and a government that will produce economic related positives.

Hence I conclude the DA is fighting a great battle the wrong and #ZumaMustBringOurMoneyBack is proof that their battle strategy is all wrong, in the mist of being so obsessed with Zuma they have forgotten their own manifesto.

The party needs to be cured of the Zuma Obsession syndrome or what will become of our fellow South Africans, as they will all be looking for gold promised by the “Blue Machine” when they no longer fighting the battle with ANC.

The party has to wake up and notice that ‘attacking’ the ANC will draw them attention, but not the needed votes. It’s every party’s job to lure in voters and DA is certainly not doing that.

After Maimane emphasised that they are too serious about creating jobs and creating a well economy and used the Western Cape as an example, with the best quality education and lowest number of employment.

The Gauteng province also needs to see results hence the DA is advised to silently fight the battle by polishing their campaigns and re-visiting their own manifesto before they lose sight of what their goal is, which is to bring change that creates employment.

Senzile Kubheka