KZN opposition parties vexed by Senzo Mchunu’s resignation


Political Parties in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) believe Senzo Mchunu’s premature exit from the office of the Premier will have a terrible impact on the impact on the economy of the province.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) and Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) said the political instability of the province is concerning, as it could cause a lot of damage.

DA’s KZN leader, Zakhele Mncwango said Mchunu’s departure was more proof that the ruling party could not be trusted.

“The long awaited resignation of KZN Premier, Senzo Mchunu, came as no surprise to the Democratic Alliance who has long held that he has been more preoccupied with internal factional battles rather than delivering the basic services the ANC government in KZN promised to when he was elected,” said Mncwango.

“The forced resignation proves just how the ANC in the province is battling with internal machinations instead of delivering services to the people that they so desperately need,” he said.

IFP’s leader Blessed Gwala said they are concerned that if Mchunu’s resignation is being influenced by the political infighting within the ruling party, it can serve to increase violence in the province.

“It would be very sad if the proposed reshuffle is being used as a vehicle to settle political scores or to reward those who support a particular grouping within the ANC…” said Gwala.

“Political uncertainty can also have negative economic implications. Therefore we hope the process is managed in the interest of the province as a whole,” he said.

Rumours that Premier Mchunu was expected to resign surfaced on Monday after the party allegedly gave him his marching orders on Friday and finally on Monday later, it was reported that Mchunu resigned from the post.

Mchunu was ousted as the provincial leader of the African National Congress last year, when Sihle Zikalala took over at the helm.

He will be replaced by will be replaced by current Transport MEC Willies Mchunu, who is the ally to ANC chair Sihle Zikalala.




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