ESSP program Brings change to school

The Extra School Support Program (ESSP) is a program part of the extended public works project introduced in 2011. The aim of the program is to assist teachers in enhancing and reinforcing the work done by educators and further more assist learners who do not have the support at home with homework.

The program often focuses on three subjects which are mathematics, English and Home-Language. The ESSP members play a major role in assisting the learners as some learners still find it difficult to spell or even understand a sentence instructing how certain homework’s should be done.

Dan Pharasi Primary School’s Mathematics Head of Department (HOD) Mrs Masemola said: “I have seen so much improvement with the students in mathematics, I can gladly say the number of students passing goes up every year and as a school we are pleased that we always get members that are fully dedicated.”

The program consists of nine members, three are school patrollers, two are sports coaches and four are homework assistances.

Homework assistances work closely with subject HOD’s, who are the ones the assistances go to in order to get the home-activities given to students according to the ESSP timetable for the day.

The learners get grouped according to their grade and subjects that the members will focus on, on that particular day.

The program starts from 12:00 to 16:00, which is why there are patrollers that guide the school daily for 24 hours.

As part of their description the members are required to produce monthly reports and attendance register to the GDE.

“It’s never easy bonding with children but we succeed as it becomes easier for the students to freely ask questions and for us as homework assistances to be able  to identify learners that need more attention than others, we are able to do that because of the relationship we have with teachers and students.” said the general supervisor Beauty Sibande.

“We as a school are also proud that we produced a student that was accepted at Ophrah Winfrey’s school. And we also promise that we will continue producing such students thanks to our teachers and homework assistances,” added Masemola.



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