Zuma ‘allies’ no longer interested in assisting with Nkandla debt

President Jacob Zuma is now set to pay the R7.8 million for all his non-security upgrades on his Nkandla homestead on his own.

This follows after Zuma’s ally and pioneer BEE Don Mkhwanazi, who earlier this year together with other businessmen offered to assist the President repay the Nkandla debt, died of what is believed to be a heart attack.

With the deadline looming, the Sunday Times also reported that prominent businessmen from Kwa-Zulu Natal (KZN), who also came forward offering help to the President, are no longer willing to do so because his term in office will soon come to an end. One source said, “What will they get in return?”.

A week ago the National Treasury handed Zuma a R7.8-million bill for upgrades at his Nkandla homestead, on which more than R240-million was spent.

On the other hand Zuma’s family has led out a cry to plea saying they have no idea where the President will get the money from.

They also cried and said: “We are not a rich family”. They also claimed that the family would not be able to afford the multimillion-rand sum that the president has to pay.

Meanwhile both Zuma have made it clear that the President is no seeking out any donations or assistance to settle the debt.

And the African National Congress (ANC) has also said that it no plans of assisting or donating any funds for Zuma but reiterated that he will pay back the full amount as ordered.

The party added paying up shouldn’t be an issue as Zuma understands his commitment in court.

On the other hand, with the Gupta family having cornfirmed that they have returned to South Africa after being away over several controversial issues tied to their name, the family has kept its silence on whether will assist the President or not.

But according to the family’s spokesperson, the Guptas are not just back in the country full time, but their relationship with the president is still intact.

Possibility is Nkandla debt might be secretly paid for by the Guptas family, as they have warned the media to halt trying to follow their every move and publishing unfounded speculations.

According to the Constitutional Court order, if Zuma received any type of donation to pay for the non-security upgrades, he’d have to pay a donation tax and publicly declare the donation.

Zuma has until 24 August to settle the amount with the National Treasury.



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