“We are the only party realising Mandela’s legacy in SA”- DA

The Democratic Alliance on Monday evening aired their latest television advert, despite the attacks that it received from Former President Nelson Mandela’s family.

DA’s Refiloe Nt’sekhe adamantly said they will not stop airing the advert, saying it is an affront to the principles which Nelson Mandela stood for.

She also said Mandela was the first democratic president and his legacy and the important democratic principles which he fought for, belong to all South Africans.

“The DA’s election advert, which depicts the personal story of a voter in South Africa who draws on the memory of Nelson Mandela – and the ideals which he fought for – before casting her ballot for the DA is a manner consistent with the relevant code,” said Nt’sekhe.


Nt’sekhe added it is not the first time that parties have featured Mandela’s voice in elections campaigns and adverts; she also said in 2014, shortly after his death in December 2013, several parties accused each other of using his name to score political points.

She then reiterated and said: “the DA is the only party realising utata Madiba’s legacy in South Africa today”.

On Monday Mandela’s Grandson, African National Congress (ANC) Member of Parliament (MP) Mandla Mandela lashed out at the DA for using his grandfather’s voice in their advert and demanded the party to take down the advert.

He further said the DA’s use of Mandela’s voice is “gross violation of electoral code”.

“We are disgusted by the flagrant abuse of former President Nelson Mandela by the Democratic Alliance, which is using his voice in an election advertisement broadcast on YouTube,” said Mandla Mandela.

Nt’sekhe replied and said what this ugly attack does demonstrate, however, is that the ANC has changed and it is not a party of Madiba, committed to building a united and prosperous South Africa.

She added the grandson is welcomed to take the matter to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) if he wishes to express his opinion.


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