“Don’t be bad losers, be humbler,” Msimanga tells the ANC

The African National Congress (ANC) on Friday adopted the Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF)’s strategy of disruption as Democratic Alliance (DA)’s Solly Msimanga was sworn in as the Executive Mayor of the Tshwane Municipality.

The ANC failed to contain their disappointment as its councillors started singing party songs when Msimanga got nominated as the mayor.

Tshwane municipality on Friday convened for their first inaugural council meeting and ANC councillors brought nothing but heckling throughout the proceeding of the day.

Following being the only nominee and accepting the nomination, Msimanga was then officially sworn in as the mayor of Tshwane.

ANC members became more relentless when Msimanga took the floor to deliver his speech as the new executive mayor of the municipality.

An ANC member then rose on a point of order and accused Msimanga and the DA of lying and said they didn’t win but were assisted to.

Msimanga then hit back at the ANC and said they should learn to be humbled and it is their lack of being humbled that brought them poor results.

“Don’t be bad losers. Be humbler, this is why you came second. Humble yourselves,” said Msimanga.

Newly elected speaker of the municipal council, DA member, Rachel Mathebe refused to kick out the heckling ANC and said she want the people of South Africa to see how the ruling party responds to defeat.

Following the August 3 local government elections, the DA secured 93 seats in the metro, the ANC 89 seats while the EFF has 25 seats.

After his inauguration, Msimanga received roaring applause from both the DA and EFF members in the council.

By Senzile Kubheka




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