Masina promises to build a University for the City of Ekurhuleni

African National Congress (ANC)’s Ekurhuleni Mayor Mzandile Masina has promised to build a University for the city.

Masina was giving a rundown of some of the goals he has set for the city, when he said the city will allocate a piece of land where the University will be located.

The city of Ekurhuleni on Wednesday held an Ordinary Council Meeting, where Masina delivered his acceptance speech and appointed Members of the Mayoral Committee (MMC).

During his speech Masina promised to increase the number of local clinics piloting the 24 hour health care programme and to establish a commission to fight fraud and corruption.

“During our campaign, people of Ekurhuleni demanded better access to housing, roads, tackle corruption…We are looking to appoint a commissioner who will fight corruption and fraud in our system,” said Masina.

He then went on to request opposition parties to work with them in improving the lives of Ekurhuleni residents.

“Through our collective efforts, our communities must see marked improvement in their living standards and conditions… We are serious about running a clean government and we call opposition parties to work with us,” said Masina.

Democratic Alliance (DA)’s Ghaleb Cachalia bashed the ANC as he was debating Masina’s speech. He said it must not be forgotten that the ANC didn’t attain the required votes to win the metro, he also criticized ANC coalitions by saying they are not about the people but about money.

Cachalia went on to say Masina is making empty promises; he then referred to the University as one of them. He added the University of Ekurhuleni has been on the agenda for years yet nothing has been achieved.

The DA also touched on Masina’s promise to establish a committee to deal will corruption, Cachalia questioned “who is fooling who as far as fighting corruption is concerned”.

He then warned the ANC that they will keep a close eye on them and hold them to books and even send them to jail if need be.

By Senzile Kubheka


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