DA calls for “Student massacre” through a public petition- Ndlozi

Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) National Spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, has accused the Democratic Alliance (DA) of calling for Student Massacre by its petition for universities to be opened.

Ndlozi said the DA is characterising the protesting students as “criminals and then calls on the police to deal with them.

“This is the same logic and language that Ramaphosa used with Marikana workers when he called for “concomitant action”. The result was a massacre of 34 workers,” said Ndlozi.

On Monday the DA launched a petition to demand that universities be re-opened. The party said students who want to learn should be allowed to.

DA’s Shadow Minister of Higher Education Belinda Bizzoli said “The truth is that a small group of students, bent on destruction and violence, are determined to keep our campuses shut. Their threats and intimidation have forced management to keep Wits, UCT and many others closed this week, in the crucial period leading up to exams,”

“The burning down of a residence at the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Pietermaritzburg campus is but the latest example of the criminality that has come to hold our campuses ransom. These criminals do not speak for the overwhelming majority of students who want to learn,” said Bizzoli

She then called on the Police to work with University Management and the Department of Higher Education to ensure that campuses are safe.

“Individuals who continue to use violence and destruction must be arrested and face prosecution,” said Bizzoli.

Ndlozi said the intellectual laziness of always calling the police to deal with protestors has reached a level where calls of massacre will be made.

“I have no doubt the petition was written by Belinda Bizzoli who is former DVC of Wits and now DA MP and shadow minister of higher education,” said Ndlozi.

“It is often her strategy to respond to students protest through police.  It’s her commitment to apartheid tactics that have found national expression,” he added.

Ndlozi then warned that university management and the department of higher education should respond with free education and not the police.

By Senzile Kubheka


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