Masutha reveals Zuma was aware of Gordhan’s prosecutions


Justice Minister Michael Masutha revealed that He and President Jacob Zuma were made aware of Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s prosecution a long time ago.

Masutha’s revelation comes after it was known that National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) Head Shaun Abrahams met with Zuma at Luthuli House a day before Abrahams announced that the Gordhan will be facing charges of theft, corruption and fraud.

Abrahams said the Justice Minister invited him to meet with Zuma at Luthuli House, he added the reason for the meeting was to discuss the Fees Must Fall crisis and not the case against Gordhan.

Masutha also said there was nothing improper about the meeting between the president and Abrahams. He adamantly said the meeting was to discuss the Fees Must Fall saga and not Gordhan.

“Did I think about the venue? I just thought the National Director of Public Prosecutions has the liberty to enter any building and to attend a meeting as long as that meeting is not illegal,” said Masutha.

When questioned about the place which the meeting took place, Masuthat said the venue didn’t matter because the meeting was not for the African National Congress.

“I don’t think it really matters what really matters is, was it an ANC part political meeting or not, the answer is no,” said Masutha.

Masutha, then said he was surprised at the controversy surrounding the meeting and where is was held.


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