“I’m here to disturb the peace of the white man”- Malema

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has vowed to disturb the peace of “white man” until land is returned back to black South Africans.

Malema said black South Africans have never known peace because of all the land issues they have and are experiencing.

“They found peaceful Africans when they came here! They slaughtered them! We are here to demand our peace, Land!,” said Malema.

“Revolution is about disturbing the peace of those who are swimming in a peaceful environment through exploitation… they’ve been living in peace on our land while we never knew peace,” he added.

Malema on Monday addressed the masses that came to support him following his appearance at the Newcastle Magistrates’ court on two charges relating to the contravention of the Riotous Assemblies Act.

Malema was released on a warning, however the Leader and his party still maintained their call for land occupation despite the charges.

Malema then said they got him arrested because he threatened the peace of, he also said the ruling party values whites more than blacks.

“They called us here because we disturbed the peace of white people! No one dares touch white people,” said the Leader.

“This country is still in the hands of white people. I do not serve white masters! I’m here to disturb the peace of the white man! We have never known peace,” said Malema.

He added he will halt in his quest to get land for all black South African, as South African heroes: “Steve Biko, Nelson Mandela, were jailed because they disturbed the peace of white people!”

While dozens of EFF members showed up to support their Leader, a few individuals were spotted wearing African National Congress (ANC) T-shirts.

Malema said about them:”the people of the ANC who are here are not here to support Malema but to say, “We want the land!”.





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