EFF slams ANC for celebrating the Constitution

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has lashed out at the African National Congress (ANC) for celebrating the Constitution saying they have done everything to “undermine and undo it”.

EFF Spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said the ANC no longer has the moral authority and legitimacy to celebrate the constitution, he added they no longer have the ethical standing to lead society in terms of principles, values and objectives of the constitution.

“Therefore, in marking the twenty years of our Democratic Constitution, we call on the people of South Africa to embrace the true gain of the constitution which is the right to vote and unshackle the destiny of the country from the degenerate and corrupt ANC,” said Ndlozi.

On Saturday a group of EFF members disrupted President Jacob Zuma during a celebration which was held in Sharpeville to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the signing the Constitution.

Ndlozi said they disrupted the occasion because the ANC and Zuma have failed to respect and uphold the Constitution.

“It is a fact, however, that in the past five years of the ANC Zuma rule, the democratic ideal of the rule of law has been eroded. On two occasions, the ANC government violated the rule of law by ignoring rulings of the Constitutional court,” said Ndlozi.

Democratic Alliance (DA) Leader Mmusi Maimane said it is a shame that Zuma and the ANC only work in “antithesis” to the Constitution.

“It is therefore a shame that President Jacob Zuma, who derives his authority from the Constitution, has been found to have undermined and violated that which he swore, before the people of South Africa, to protect, uphold and defend,” said Maimane.

“The drafters of the highest law in the land never foresaw that such a compromised and corrupt individual would be entrusted with bringing the Constitution to life,” he added.


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