Decisive tendencies inhibit our ability to give decisive leadership- Zuma.

African National Congress (ANC) President Jacob Zuma said they have realised that the ANC faces serious challenges to its unity, which in turn hinders them from giving decisive leadership.

Zuma said divisive tendencies such as factionalism, gatekeeping and manipulation of internal processes.

“Divisive tendencies…exist at all levels of the ANC, the ANC Leagues, the Alliance and the Mass Democratic Movement. These tendencies inhibit our ability to give decisive leadership to society,” said the President.

Zuma on Sunday addressed thousand of ANC supporters during the party’s 105 birthday celebration held in Johannesburg Orlando Stadium.

Zuma urged party leadership to commit to uniting the organisation and serving the people of South Africa.

“The people have told us that we are too busy fighting each other and we do not pay sufficient attention to their needs,” said Zuma.

“People are clear: their main priorities are jobs, fighting crime and corruption. Our task is therefore to grow the economy, create jobs and rigorously fight crime and corruption,” he added.

He then reiterated and said the ANC remains the only organisation that is capable of leading South Africa, Zuma then emphasised the importance of unity, saying uniting the movement will shield them from their enemies.

“Above all, we must commit to the unity of the ANC and the only noble fight that we must engage in is a fight to serve the people and not ourselves! ,” said Zuma.

“When the ANC says that we must unite; we do not speak of unity for its own sake. We are clear that we are not calling for unity in defence of corruption or other negative tendencies,” he added.

South African Communist Party (SACP)’s General Secretary Blade Nzimande also highlighted Factionalism and corruption as “twin dangers” that are facing the ANC.

Zuma during his speech also said the party will be focusing on eliminating corruption and growing the economy in order to create jobs.


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