Malema predicts doom for ANC’s 106 birthday celebration

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have predicted that the African National Congress (ANC)’s 106th Birthday Celebration will be held at Umlazi Play Ground.

EFF Leader Julius Malema said the ANC used to celebrate their birthdays at theFNB Stadium but now they celebrate at Orlando Stadium.

“They used to celebrate at FNB, now they celebrate at Orlando, next year they’ll be at Umlazi play ground,” said Malema.

He questioned how the party aims at recovering after celebrating at a smaller stadium. He then said his three year old party was able to fill up Orlando Stadium without busses from other provinces.

“ANC spends money to fill up Orlando. Who ever thought that a 105 year old party would celebrate at Orlando?,” questioned Malema.

Malema on Sunday visited sole remaining arrested Fees Must Fall Student at Westville Prison in Durban, where he said the ANC was imploding.

“They fetched people from as far as Nkandla to take them to Soweto but Soweto has 6 million residents!,” said Malema.

Malema then took the opportunity to dismiss allegations that the EFF gave its vote to the Democratic Alliance (DA) and Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) in order to win metros.

 “We will never give the ANC our vote. We didn’t give the DA our vote. We didn’t give the IFP our vote. We removed the ANC,” said Malema.

“We cannot govern with the DA. Those with a mind of a rat will not understand. We want to remove ANC!,” he added.

He once more then called on South Africans to once again to occupy land.


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