Motsoeneng is still running the SABC from the grave-UDM

The United Democratic Movement (UDM) has revealed that Hlaudi Motsoeneng is running the SABC from the grave.

UDM Chief Whip and member of the Parliamentary Ad Hoc Committee into the fitness of the SABC board, Nqabayomzi Kwankwa said they have reliably informed that Motsoeneng is still calling shots at the SABC.

“I have been reliably informed…that for instance even though he’s (Hlaudi Motsoeneng) no longer part of the SABC, he continues to run the SABC from the grave,” said Kwankwa.

Kwankwa on Thursday during the SABC inquiry motivated why Motsoeneng should be called to come answer questions in relation with the inquiry.

Last week the Chief Whip made a request to have Motsoeneng to appear before the committee as he believed that Motsoeneng should be heard in the interests of fairness and natural justice.

However all political parties shunned down Kwankwa’s request, saying if they were to call Motsoeneng then they would have to call other individuals who are implicated in the leaked report.


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