Motheo Institute celebrates 78 ECD graduates

Motheo Training Institute Trust on Friday held a graduation ceremony where 78 Early Childhood Development (ECD) graduates received their FET Certificates.

The Event was graced by various guest speakers including Dr Thabi Molete who attended on behalf of Gauteng MEC of Education Panyaza Lesufi and a representative from Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality Pauline Ngakane.

Molete during her address commended the Director of Motheo Meshack (Rex) Molefe and said she was impressed that a male was involved in promoting the importance of early childhood development and giving women the opportunity to be employable.

“I am impressed that I see a man being involved promoting and showing the importance of ECD and proving that ECD can be promoted by any individual in any gender,” said Molete.

Ngakane, a representative from Ekurhuleni stressed the importance of being an ECD practitioner and how the municipality being a practitioner would benefit both the city and the country.

“As Ekurhuleni we hold your work in high importance and high esteem and we have also created platforms of rewarding the work that you are doing through some of the ECD awards,” said Ngakane.

“Graduates and also practitioners your success in ECD is equally a success for us as Ekurhuleni. What you have achieved today makes a positive contribution to the larger early learning development environment and also towards our economic growth as a country,” she added.

The day was filled with great speakers; however the children from Sabelo Day-care and South African Red Cross Day-care warmed hearts of ceremony attendees as they demonstrated what their ECD teachers are teaching them and how it benefits them as learners

Two graduates Nomvula Mohlala and Nomvula Shongwe expressed their excitement and said they can’t wait to go out there and be with children, teaching them rhymes, shapes and dancing

 “I mark this day as a great day, since it is the beginning of my career as an ECD practitioner. I know that with this certificate I will be able to contribute positively to the lives of the foundation phase learners, which is why I am also volunteering at Bhekimfundo Primary School,” said Mohlala.

“I am so excited that I have finally received my qualification because now I can register for a day-care centre with my qualification and if that doesn’t work I can also get permanent employment dealing with children because I honestly love dealing with children,” said Shongwe.

Molefe during his speech also expressed his gratitude towards the whole event and said the qualification which the graduates hold will contribute positively towards the economic growth of this country,as they will have employment and in turn reduce the high number of poverty in the country.

He then reminded the graduates the importance of being an ECD practitioner and said they must love and enjoy their career paths because they will be assisting in laying a great and steady foundation for children, which will in turn ensure that reach Matric and study further.




Springs Mall Shoppers welcomed by gun shots

Shoppers on Thursday during Springs Mall opening were greeted by gruesome sounds as gun shots rang out, leaving four individuals injured.

Shortly after the ribbon cutting ceremony, a number of shots were fired at the mall’s second (2nd) entrance. It was alleged that the individuals who fired the shots were attempting to rob the Fidelity cash-in-transit vehicle headed to Nedbank.

A reliable source from Netcare 911 confirmed that there had apparently been a cash-in-transit robbery, which left four people injured and one of the victims being airlifted to the nearest hospitals due to their critical condition.

Despite the whole event, shoppers were not discouraged as they enthusiastically continued with their browsing and shopping.

Two shoppers Clara Wallis and Monique Elliott were spotted dancing at Jet Store, saying they will not allow the matter to overwhelm them, or discourage them from enjoying their shopping.

“What happened out there was tragic, but that will not halt us from continuing with our shopping because we are always a happy bunch no matter the situation,” said Willis.

Lindiwe Nkosi a shopper said that she is happy with the new mall because its closer to her house, however she made it clear that she was not pleased with tragic event that took place at the mall, because this was supposed to be all fun and enjoyable; she went on to say that the great thing about the new mall is that it will open job opportunities.

Mahlatse Ndlovu from Bakerton,Springs said she is very happy with the new mall because it is big, has all the necessary shops and closer to her house.

Then Prince Ndlovu , Mahlatse’s husband, said he was also happy with the mall because he won’t have to drive far for shopping anymore, as it’s just a five minute drive.  On the tragic that transpired outside, Ndlovu said it was alarming for him because he bunked off work so that he could witness the opening.

Clara Wallis and Monique Elliott dancing at Jet store

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Masina promises to build a University for the City of Ekurhuleni

African National Congress (ANC)’s Ekurhuleni Mayor Mzandile Masina has promised to build a University for the city.

Masina was giving a rundown of some of the goals he has set for the city, when he said the city will allocate a piece of land where the University will be located.

The city of Ekurhuleni on Wednesday held an Ordinary Council Meeting, where Masina delivered his acceptance speech and appointed Members of the Mayoral Committee (MMC).

During his speech Masina promised to increase the number of local clinics piloting the 24 hour health care programme and to establish a commission to fight fraud and corruption.

“During our campaign, people of Ekurhuleni demanded better access to housing, roads, tackle corruption…We are looking to appoint a commissioner who will fight corruption and fraud in our system,” said Masina.

He then went on to request opposition parties to work with them in improving the lives of Ekurhuleni residents.

“Through our collective efforts, our communities must see marked improvement in their living standards and conditions… We are serious about running a clean government and we call opposition parties to work with us,” said Masina.

Democratic Alliance (DA)’s Ghaleb Cachalia bashed the ANC as he was debating Masina’s speech. He said it must not be forgotten that the ANC didn’t attain the required votes to win the metro, he also criticized ANC coalitions by saying they are not about the people but about money.

Cachalia went on to say Masina is making empty promises; he then referred to the University as one of them. He added the University of Ekurhuleni has been on the agenda for years yet nothing has been achieved.

The DA also touched on Masina’s promise to establish a committee to deal will corruption, Cachalia questioned “who is fooling who as far as fighting corruption is concerned”.

He then warned the ANC that they will keep a close eye on them and hold them to books and even send them to jail if need be.

By Senzile Kubheka

Cachalia dishes out ‘discouraging’ details about Masina

Democratic Alliance’s (DA) Ekurhuleni Mayoral Candidate Ghaleb Cachalia has gone out of his way to discredit African National Congress’ (ANC) Ekurhuleni Mayoral Candidate Mzwandile Masina, in a bid to win over Ekurhuleni dwellers.

Cachalia earlier on Tuesday said he will reveal Masina’s the track record and reveal that his appointment was done with scant regard for the jobs crisis that Ekurhuleni is facing.

“Since his appointment as Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Masina has been a controversial figure and it is unlikely that he will innovate and create the environment needed to get Ekurhuleni moving forward again,” said Cachalia.

Cachalia was addressing the media at Edenvale when he stated Masina is a career cadre and a hot-headed President Jacob Zuma supporter and that has relied on political patronage to be deployed as the Mayoral candidate in Ekurhuleni.

He then listed what he called “Masina’s infamous moments and Masina’s record as Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry.

Cachalia stated: “Masina travelled to the ANC manifesto launch in Port Elizabeth by way of a luxury jet. The Sunday Times reported that there were four other passengers, and that the trip from Johannesburg cost approximately R220 000,”

“Masina has been directly responsible for the South African manufacturing industry – which is shedding jobs. In Ekurhuleni alone, more than 100 000 jobs were lost in the first quarter of 2016”.

Cachalia went on to say Masina has been deployed to various positions with no real credentials to support his appointment.

“It appears he has been parachuted into positions where his support for Mr Zuma can be leveraged to further the interests of the President and his network,” said the Candidate

Masina through twitter said he has no time for people who are bored and want attention.

“When those misappropriating struggle credentials of their parents, I ignore and focus on the ground,” said Masina.

ESSP program Brings change to school

The Extra School Support Program (ESSP) is a program part of the extended public works project introduced in 2011. The aim of the program is to assist teachers in enhancing and reinforcing the work done by educators and further more assist learners who do not have the support at home with homework.

The program often focuses on three subjects which are mathematics, English and Home-Language. The ESSP members play a major role in assisting the learners as some learners still find it difficult to spell or even understand a sentence instructing how certain homework’s should be done.

Dan Pharasi Primary School’s Mathematics Head of Department (HOD) Mrs Masemola said: “I have seen so much improvement with the students in mathematics, I can gladly say the number of students passing goes up every year and as a school we are pleased that we always get members that are fully dedicated.”

The program consists of nine members, three are school patrollers, two are sports coaches and four are homework assistances.

Homework assistances work closely with subject HOD’s, who are the ones the assistances go to in order to get the home-activities given to students according to the ESSP timetable for the day.

The learners get grouped according to their grade and subjects that the members will focus on, on that particular day.

The program starts from 12:00 to 16:00, which is why there are patrollers that guide the school daily for 24 hours.

As part of their description the members are required to produce monthly reports and attendance register to the GDE.

“It’s never easy bonding with children but we succeed as it becomes easier for the students to freely ask questions and for us as homework assistances to be able  to identify learners that need more attention than others, we are able to do that because of the relationship we have with teachers and students.” said the general supervisor Beauty Sibande.

“We as a school are also proud that we produced a student that was accepted at Ophrah Winfrey’s school. And we also promise that we will continue producing such students thanks to our teachers and homework assistances,” added Masemola.