ANCYL slams COSATU for endorsing Ramaphosa for presidency

The African National Congress Youth League (ANC) criticised the Congress of South African Trade Union (COSATU) for pronouncing their preferred candidate for presidency.

ANC Secretary General Njabulo Nzuza said the alliance partner mustn’t interfere with the proceeding of the ANC. He also said the alliance is meant to function as a critical instrument in the advancement of the National Democratic Revolution not leadership preferences.

“The ANC has never interfered on how they elect their leadership and as such they must not attempt to interfere with the processes of the ANC,” said Nzuza.

“The alliance is a strategic collaboration born out of struggle to build a better life for our people and not leadership preferences,” he added.

During a media briefing held by the ANCYL in Pretoria, Nzuza condemned the pronouncement of of preferred candidates for presidency.

He also said name dropping should be done after June, as this will put unnecessary pressure on branches.

“The ANCYL has noted great excitement building up to the 2017 ANC 54th National Conference, with some senior leaders declaring their availability prior to even being nominated,”

“This kind of conduct is foreign to the movement; leaders are expected to confirm availability after they have been nominated by branches,” said Nzuza.

He then urged all party leaders to halt making pronouncements and lobbying behind an individual which has not been nominated by branches.

“The Youth League calls on comrades especially senior leaders, to desist from launching lobby groups to advance their nominations and publicly confirming their availability on the media having not even been nominated by a single branch,” said Nzuza.

“The power to nominate and elect leadership is fully rested with the branches who will form 90% of conference,” he added.

The Youth League was then questioned about its preferred candidate and they said they will be making their pronouncement after June.

Malema hits back at Zanu-pf over Mugabe

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has hit back at the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU PF) for blasting the Party for urging President Mugabe to Step down.

EFF leader Julius Malema said even though Zanu-pf is insulting them for their call, they are reaffirming their call for Mugabe to leave office.

“The EFF reaffirms its position that President Mugabe’s occupancy of the position of president is not good for the radical African political program,” said Malema.

“He is the bastion of the reactionary phenomenon of “lead to the death” that has crippled the image and praxis of post-colonial Africa,” he added.

Malema on Monday addressed the media following the Party’s Plenum over the weekend,there he stated that Mugabe is no longer capable of discharging his responsibilities.

“Zimbabwe’s situation is bad. President Mugabe can’t even control a spade. He is no longer capable of discharging his responsibilities,” said Malema.

He then slammed members of Zimbabwe’s ruling party, ZANU PF for failing to remove Mugabe from office.

“We don’t hate the man. They can respond and insult us anyhow they want, but they are a group of cowards, those comrades in Zanu-PF to be scared to say to an old man like President Mugabe, please with due respect let go,” said Malema.

A Zimbabwean Member of Parliament blasted at Malema, saying he is “a little and irrelevant man” who is trying to gain support by insulting the Zimbabwean president, who has been in power since 1980.

“Not bothered at all by Julius Malema’s latest ranting. He is a little and irrelevant man who is trying desperately to gain political mileage in South Africa by insulting a great man in Zimbabwe. Won’t win!” Maziwisa said on Facebook

Malema on Tuesday answered to the post andand said: “Before the ZANU-PF and its youth wing respond to the EFF about the charge that they are cowards; they should ask themselves a simple question – what is revolutionary about being led by a person in old age; who sleeps all the time in meetings, can no longer even hold a pen or write half a page? Failure to respond to this question signifies not that they are afraid of others, but of President Mugabe”.

DA,EFF to fight ANC over ‘smear campaign’

Opposition Parties, the Democratic Alliance (DA) and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) are planning to take a battle with the African National Congress (ANC) for allegedly planning a smear campaign against them.

This follows after a Public Relations Consultant Sihle Bolani revealed that the ANC hired her to be part of a so-called secret smear campaign against the opposition parties.

Bolani also said she is suing the ANC for R2.2 Million, as she spent three months as project manager for the ANC’s so-called “War Room”.

However ANC Spokesperson Zizi Kodwa rubbished the claims saying the ANC does not need nor has engaged in any clandestine “black ops” to woo voters.

“The African National Congress (ANC) has noted and rejects, with the contempt they deserve, reports in the media that the organisation conducted or sought to conduct a “R50m..covert campaign targeting opposition parties” during the 2016 Local Government Election,” said Kodwa.

“We further reject any allegation that the organisation owes any monies to any companies purporting to run such clandestine campaign,” added Kodwa.

DA’s Federal Executive Chairperson James Selfe, said they have referred the matter to their legal counsel, he added they have requested them to consider the case towards both civil and criminal action.

“If true, these allegations show that the ANC is willing to manipulate and undermine ethical democratic conduct and action in order to ensure continued government rule. Such allegations can only be treated in the most serious light,” said Selfe.

EFF’s Spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said they are also considering legal actions against the ANC, as they had during the elections removed a poster with their Leader Julius Malema, from one of the streets in Sandton.

“We never did anything about it in terms of IEC rules or lodging any complaints because we didn’t know who’d put it up and who was behind it … until this story emerged,” said Ndlozi

Zuma predict they will win 2019 elections because of “God”

President Jacob Zuma has adamantly said the African National Congress (ANC) will win what might be the highly contested 2019 elections because of God.

Zuma was addressing ANC supporters in Limpopo when he said the ANC will win the elections with a “great” margin as God was on their side.

“We will win the 2019 elections with a great margin. Because the ANC is on the side of god. And god is on the side of the ANC,” said Zuma.

This was the first time the President has associated the ANC with God’s favour, in 2008 Zuma declared that the ANC would rule “until Jesus comes back”.

In 2016 he again declared the same statement and said that folks need to make peace with the fact that the ANC will rule until the son of God returns.

“I hear people complaining when we say the ANC will rule fully until Jesus comes back but we have been blessed. Pastors have prayed for us,” he said.

During the celebration in Limpopo on Sunday, Zuma said there are people who enjoy criticising the ANC.

“No matter how badly some speak of the ANC they come from the ANC and left as they couldn’t carry the ANC forward,” said Zuma.

He then said it should however come as no surprise that the ANC had made some mistakes in the past, but assured people that they are working on rectifying their mistakes.

Motsoeneng is still running the SABC from the grave-UDM

The United Democratic Movement (UDM) has revealed that Hlaudi Motsoeneng is running the SABC from the grave.

UDM Chief Whip and member of the Parliamentary Ad Hoc Committee into the fitness of the SABC board, Nqabayomzi Kwankwa said they have reliably informed that Motsoeneng is still calling shots at the SABC.

“I have been reliably informed…that for instance even though he’s (Hlaudi Motsoeneng) no longer part of the SABC, he continues to run the SABC from the grave,” said Kwankwa.

Kwankwa on Thursday during the SABC inquiry motivated why Motsoeneng should be called to come answer questions in relation with the inquiry.

Last week the Chief Whip made a request to have Motsoeneng to appear before the committee as he believed that Motsoeneng should be heard in the interests of fairness and natural justice.

However all political parties shunned down Kwankwa’s request, saying if they were to call Motsoeneng then they would have to call other individuals who are implicated in the leaked report.

Zuma ‘mistakenly misses’ a paragraph on Veterans in his speech

On what might have been his last January 8th Statement, President Jacob Zuma proved once more that he doesn’t acknowledge the group of African National Congress (ANC) Stalwarts.

The ANC on Sunday celebrated its 105th birthday in Orlando Stadium. Zuma delivered his speech, and in his speech he ‘missed’ the part where the ANC thanks the veterans for participating in assisting the party.

However in a statement sent to media houses, Zuma acknowledges the Stalwarts and also calls on them to be more active.

“The ANC Veterans League must be a source of wisdom and guidance for the Movement. Veterans are the repository of years of organisational wisdom and knowledge and the ANC can only benefit when veterans and stalwarts take a more active role in shaping the next generation of leaders,” reads the statement.

“We call on our veterans and stalwarts to become more active in the structures of the Movement and, in particular, to become more active in political education at all levels of our organisation,” said the statement.

However contradictory to the statement, in November 2016 after the Veterans emerged with calls to have Zuma removed out of office, Zuma lashed out at the stalwarts and said the group appeared not to know the process of raising concerns in the ANC.

“Some of these people I have not seen since 1994 and all of a sudden they appear out of nowhere calling press conferences to express their concerns about our party. They are very vocal indeed. Most of them do not even belong to party structures and are encouraging actions which they have always been against in the past, namely speaking about the organisation outside its structures. They are using the name of veterans in justifying what they are doing,” said Zuma.

Stalwarts set to ‘review’ Zuma’s January 8 statement

ANC stalwarts are expected to meet on Tuesday to discuss the party’s 8 January statement, and possibly receive a progress report on the preparation for a consultative conference.

Last year the group of 101 stalwarts emerged and demanded that the ANC must remove Zuma out of office and promote unity among the organisation.

The Stalwarts then signed a document titled “For the Sake of Our Future” in the document, the group listed their concerns and resolutions. One of the group’s resolutions was for the ANC to hold an early consultative conference to elect new leadership.

That led to a meeting with top ANC leaders‚ with a promise to have a follow-up meeting about the stalwarts’ concerns.

And today the veterans are set to state their opinions on Zuma’s statement and receive the latest updates in regard with the concerns they have once raised.

“A divided ANC will never stand”-cope

The Congress of the People (COPE) slammed President Jacob Zuma calling for unity within the African National Congress (ANC).

This follows after Zuma on Sunday during the party’s 105th birthday celebration vowed to bring change within the ANC.

COPE’s Spokesperson Dennis Bloem said it is “ironic” that the individual that destroyed the ANC is now calling for unity within the organisation.

“It is ironic that the man calling for unity of the ANC is the very man who divides the party. It is during his term as ANC President that the party had two breakaways, COPE and the EFF, with the possibility of the party having a third breakaway party lurking in the horizon,” said Bloem.

Bloem then expressed his disapproval of Zuma’s speech by saying his speech was empty and full of “old rhetoric about the history of the ANC”.

He went on to say the speech had no clear plans of tackling serious issues and added the ANC has lost its direction and credibility as the governing party.

“The once powerful respected liberation movement has lost credibility among the people,” said the Spokesperson.

Bloem questioned why the ANC had changed the venue for its 105 birthday celebration.

“Since after the unbanning of the ANC in 1990, they had all the time gathered at the FNB stadium and had no difficulty to fill it to capacity,” said Bloem

“It is so sad that the ANC is making a big noise about filling-up the Orlando Stadium with a capacity of 40,000 far smaller than the FNB stadium which is more than double the size of Orlando stadium,” he added.

Bloem then called on the ANC leadership to accept that Zuma has become a “liability” to the organisation. And warned that with the dwindling support the organisation is facing, it will soon fall and disappear.

Malema predicts doom for ANC’s 106 birthday celebration

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have predicted that the African National Congress (ANC)’s 106th Birthday Celebration will be held at Umlazi Play Ground.

EFF Leader Julius Malema said the ANC used to celebrate their birthdays at theFNB Stadium but now they celebrate at Orlando Stadium.

“They used to celebrate at FNB, now they celebrate at Orlando, next year they’ll be at Umlazi play ground,” said Malema.

He questioned how the party aims at recovering after celebrating at a smaller stadium. He then said his three year old party was able to fill up Orlando Stadium without busses from other provinces.

“ANC spends money to fill up Orlando. Who ever thought that a 105 year old party would celebrate at Orlando?,” questioned Malema.

Malema on Sunday visited sole remaining arrested Fees Must Fall Student at Westville Prison in Durban, where he said the ANC was imploding.

“They fetched people from as far as Nkandla to take them to Soweto but Soweto has 6 million residents!,” said Malema.

Malema then took the opportunity to dismiss allegations that the EFF gave its vote to the Democratic Alliance (DA) and Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) in order to win metros.

 “We will never give the ANC our vote. We didn’t give the DA our vote. We didn’t give the IFP our vote. We removed the ANC,” said Malema.

“We cannot govern with the DA. Those with a mind of a rat will not understand. We want to remove ANC!,” he added.

He once more then called on South Africans to once again to occupy land.

 DA is the only hope for a better South Africa- Maimane

The Democratic Alliance (DA) criticised President Jacob Zuma’s speech during the African National Congress (ANC)’s 105th birthday celebration.

DA leader Mmusi Maimane said the speech was the “the tell-tale last gasp of a dying organisation”, he then said it was also proof that the ANC is beyond the point of no return.

“It is an out-of-touch and divided party that is unable to self-correct, and is passed the point of no return,” said Maimane.

Maimane in a statement also slammed the party for celebrating their birthday in a “lavish” manner, saying the ANC prioritises lavish celebrations rather than creating employment.

“While the ANC celebrates in lavish style today, we live in a country where 9 million of our people are without work, and have given up any hope of finding a job,” the Leader said.

“We live in a deeply unfair and unequal society, where the colour of your skin still determines your chances of succeeding in life. And this is only worsened by the ANC who run a dishonest government, putting their friends first and the people of South Africa last,” he added.

Maimane also touched on ANC’s succession debate, saying while the organisation focuses on electing a new president, the ANC is exposing that no reform in the party is possible.

Recently the ANC, its Leagues and Alliances have been at loggerheads as the groups have nominated different candidates to succeed Zuma.

The Congress of the South African Trade Unions (COSATU) together with other alliances which do not have the rights to vote for a successor, have nominated ANC Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa.

While the ANC Women’s League (ANCWL) and ANC Youth League (ANCYL) have lobbied behind Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma.

Maimane said no change of leadership will repair the ANC from what it has become. He then said the DA is the only hope for a better South Africa.

“Whatever happens in December 2017, the ANC will remain committed to corruption, insider trading and unemployment. The DA is the only hope for a better South Africa,” said Maimane.

Decisive tendencies inhibit our ability to give decisive leadership- Zuma.

African National Congress (ANC) President Jacob Zuma said they have realised that the ANC faces serious challenges to its unity, which in turn hinders them from giving decisive leadership.

Zuma said divisive tendencies such as factionalism, gatekeeping and manipulation of internal processes.

“Divisive tendencies…exist at all levels of the ANC, the ANC Leagues, the Alliance and the Mass Democratic Movement. These tendencies inhibit our ability to give decisive leadership to society,” said the President.

Zuma on Sunday addressed thousand of ANC supporters during the party’s 105 birthday celebration held in Johannesburg Orlando Stadium.

Zuma urged party leadership to commit to uniting the organisation and serving the people of South Africa.

“The people have told us that we are too busy fighting each other and we do not pay sufficient attention to their needs,” said Zuma.

“People are clear: their main priorities are jobs, fighting crime and corruption. Our task is therefore to grow the economy, create jobs and rigorously fight crime and corruption,” he added.

He then reiterated and said the ANC remains the only organisation that is capable of leading South Africa, Zuma then emphasised the importance of unity, saying uniting the movement will shield them from their enemies.

“Above all, we must commit to the unity of the ANC and the only noble fight that we must engage in is a fight to serve the people and not ourselves! ,” said Zuma.

“When the ANC says that we must unite; we do not speak of unity for its own sake. We are clear that we are not calling for unity in defence of corruption or other negative tendencies,” he added.

South African Communist Party (SACP)’s General Secretary Blade Nzimande also highlighted Factionalism and corruption as “twin dangers” that are facing the ANC.

Zuma during his speech also said the party will be focusing on eliminating corruption and growing the economy in order to create jobs.